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Work Experiences

Research and Project Engineer at INERIS (from 2009)

Focus: Assess and Manage the Risks of Nanotechnologies
From 2009 at INERIS, Accidental Risks Division.

  • Leader of the “Industrial Safety” WorkPackage of the SAPHIR FP6 European project
  • In charge of the accidental risk management in the Nano-INNOV project (FR)
  • Account manager (risk management in facilities processing gaz, powders or liquids)
  • Developing new characterization tests for evaluating ignition and explosion risks of nanopowders

R&D Engineer at STMicroelectronics (2006-2009)

Focus: Electrical Characterization and Reliability of sub-45nm MOSFET Technologies
3.5 years (PhD candidate) at STMicroelectronics, Crolles 300mm facility, Technology Platform Sustaining, Electrical Characterization and Reliability group.

  • Design and deployment of new test methodologies in production lines.
  • International collaboration with Research Laboratories and equipment manufacturers.
  • Participation in the PullNano FP6 European project.
  • Scientific communications: 2 publications in IEEE journals, 13 in International Conferences.
  • Parameter extraction automation using SciLab programming.

Process Engineer (internship) at STMicroelectronics (2005)

Focus: Optimization of the tuning procedure used for Gap-Fill CVD chambers
3.5 months at STMicroelectronics, Crolles 200mm facility, Chemical Vapor Deposition unit.

  • Implementation of designs of experiments (DoE) to model the process response.
  • Development of a VBA application to automate the tuning procedure of CVD chambers.
  • Training of the clean-room technicians and deployment of the new procedure in production line. Cost savings of around 59k$/year.
  • Active support for transferring the new application to the automation system (VBA to Perl langage transcription).

Design Engineer (internship) at CEA-LETI (2004)

Design a prototype to detect nanometric defects on areas of a few square centimeters. Targeted applications: EUV lithography.
4 months at the Minatec CEA-LETI, the optoelectronic department.

  • Determination of specifications for a prototype to detect nanoscale defects on EUV lithography masks.
  • Simulation of several optic configurations and evaluation of there efficiency (Mie scattering theory, C++ programming).
  • Contribution to the the European MEDEA+ EXTUMASK project.

Research assistant (internship) at CNRS (2003)

Focus: very low temperature measurements (sub-mK range) using a He dilution cryostat, thermometer calibration
3 months at the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (National Center for Scientific Research), the Very Low Temperature Research center.

  • Measurement automation (GPIB protocol, VBA programming), development of new calibration procedures.
  • Manipulation of cryogenic fluids (3He, 4He, N) used in low temperature measurements tools.
  • Modeling a temperature behavior of a giant spin molecule: ROOT C++ programming, Monte-Carlo algorithms.
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