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Jan 10 11

Let’s manage your references with Mendeley

by admin

I discovered Mendeley a few months ago. This is an useful software that enables an easy management of your references. A function I found particularly convenient is the ability to retrieve automatically all informations (authors, title, journal …) when you upload a pdf file into the watch folder: quick and efficient!
Mendeley has a word plug-in which enables to insert the references straight into your document and you can choose among a wide variety of reference styles. If you register (free) on the website, you will have a 1Gb web space to synchronize your library an access to it everywhere. It is also possible to create groups to share references between multiple users. The allocated space can be increased if you pay a few dollars a month. Moreover, for PC users which have not an admin account, Mendeley does not require the admin rights to be installed ;-)

Mendeley website:

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